Financial goals

MEKO’s overall goal is to develop with high profitability and thereby generate value growth for the shareholders.

Sales growth

GOAL: Average annual sales growth of at least 5 percent, with a combination of organic and acquired growth.


For the past five years, we have exceeded the target. For 2021 net sales increased 7 (–3) percent. Organic growth amounted to 8 percent.

Adjusted EBIT margin

GOAL: Adjusted operating margin of 10 percent annually.


We see continued opportunities to streamline the core business to reach our target no later than 2025. For 2021 the adjusted operating margin was 8 (8) percent.

Net debt/EBITDA

GOAL: Net Debt/EBITDA shall be in the range 2.0–3.0 times long term.


We are within the target level since 2020. Net debt/ EBITDA (excluding IFRS 16) decreased to 1.9 (2.54). Net debt is SEK 2,264 (2,673)



Dividend ratio

GOAL: Dividends corresponding to at least 50 percent of earnings after tax. When deciding on dividend proposals, the Board considers the Group’s potential acquisition opportunities, financial condition, investment needs, and prospects.


The AGM 2022 decided in line with the Board proposed dividends of SEK 3.00 per share for 2021 (0.00). The Board continues to support the goal that at least 50 percent of profit after tax shall be paid as a dividend.