Supply chain

Spare parts constitute the majority of the Group’s purchases and sales and account for a large part of the Group’s sales. Purchases mainly take place from the same suppliers that supply the car makers. Nearly all suppliers have their base in Europe, while the production of products takes place in both Europe and Asia.

Sustainable supply chain
Since 2013, all supplier agreements at Bileko Car Parts, MEKO’s wholesale company have included a clause on compliance with the principles of the UN Global Compact. Around 80 per cent of the product supply is obtained through purchases from 160 suppliers. At the end of 2018, 93 per cent (92)2) of all suppliers have signed our agreement clause or presented their own corresponding policy.

Suppliers for our own brand products (OBP), ProMeister and Carwise, are deemed to be the largest quality and sustainability risk. The Group therefore conducts internal audits of all new ProMeister suppliers. The audits take place through factory visits and tests of products based on checklists that encompass the review of product quality, environmental and social requirements. The product range is quality audited through independent actors and in our test laboratory Intermeko in Poland.

Through the acquisitions of the companies FTZ in Denmark and Inter-Team in Poland in the third quarter of 2018, they became a part of MEKO. The acquisitions provide opportunities for synergies in terms of suppliers.