MEKO’s largest environmental impact is in the areas of transports, energy use, chemicals and waste management. The operations have rules and procedures to manage their environmental impact.

Our operations require transports both with our own vehicles and through subcontractors. Products and goods are transported from our large warehouses to the Group’s branches and our e-commerce customers. From the branches, transports are made with delivery vehicles to our own and affiliated concept workshops. To reduce the environmental impact from the transports, consideration is taken to fuel consumption in the purchase of vehicles.

Energy use
We have warehouses, branches, workshops and offices. These require energy in the form of electricity, heating and cooling. Through energy mapping, we track what our energy use looks like.
We buy green electricity for most premises in Sweden and Norway.

Handling of chemicals
MEKO puts a large number of chemical products on the market. This entails a responsibility to check labeling, ensure that the right information exists in the form of e.g. safety data sheets, ensuring that certain kinds of chemicals are only sold to professionals and that storage is correct in warehouses and branches. Proper handling and the right protective equipment are of central importance to our workshops.

Waste management
In our operations, waste and hazardous waste arise. It is mainly waste that is recycled, for example, corrugated board, cardboard and plastic. In the workshops, hazardous waste also arises in the form of e.g. oils, batteries and chemicals. The waste is sorted and handled according to legislation.