MEKO (former Mekonomen Group) has an ongoing dialogue with customers, employees, shareholders and investors, suppliers and the community.


The relationship between MEKO’s operations and our customers is crucial regardless of whether it concerns companies or consumers. Quality is a critical success factor for continued positive development of the company, our products and our service to our customers.


Our employees are a prerequisite for the operations’ development and growth. Our employees having the right expertise is crucial to having satisfied customers. We therefore have a major responsibility to offer a safe and developing workplace and to be an attractive employer for future colleagues.


MEKO mainly purchases spare parts and accessories from the large European suppliers in the automotive industry. Through our own ProMeister brand, we also have suppliers in Asia. In addition, we have suppliers of indirect materials and services.

Owners and analysts

MEKO AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. MEKO’s overall goal is to develop with high profitability and thereby generate value growth for the shareholders.

Society and authorities

MEKO’s operations entail an environmental impact from both operations and products. The work environment is affected by, for example, heavy lifts and the use of chemicals. These areas are regulated by authorities, which is why an open and transparent dialogue is important. To increase the supply of labour with the right expertise, the Group established cooperation with upper-secondary schools.