Mekonomen goes big in Denmark - launches new store chain

01 June 2011 08:46

Mekonomen aims to strengthen its market share and further strengthen its position in Denmark by establishing the Norwegian store chain BilXtra. The BilXtra-stores, with a strong focus towards consumers, will be run collaterally with Mekonomen’s stores in Denmark, which means an increased market share for Mekonomen.

As an initial step ten stores from the Danish store chain BilXperten will become BilXtra. This means that Mekonomen will increase its number of stores from 40 to 50. The BilXtra-store chain in Denmark will be run as franchise and the ambition is to quickly expand with several more stores.  

BilXtra has its origin in Norway and is operated by Sørensen og Balchen, which was acquired by Mekonomen in March 2011. In Norway the BilXtra-store chain with its 75 stores is market dominant in selling car parts and car accessories to consumers.

– BilXtra has managed to establish a strong brand and a successful operation in Norway. An expansion of this store chain to Denmark is a natural next step, which will strengthen our position with the Danish consumers. The stores, which from now on will operate under the BilXtra store chain, will already have an established position on the Danish market thanks to their competent and service minded staff and we give them our warmest welcome to BilXtra and Mekonomen, says Håkan Lundstedt, CEO Mekonomen AB.

For further information, please contact:
Håkan Lundstedt,
CEO, Mekonomen AB, phone + 46 8-464 00 00
Gunilla Spongh, CFO Mekonomen AB, phone +46 8-464 00 00

Mekonomen makes the CarLife easier. We do so through a broad and accessible supply of affordable and innovative solutions and products for consumers and companies. We are market leading in the Nordics with our own wholesale retail, over 300 stores and more than 1500 service shops which all operate under the Mekonomen brand.

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