Mekonomen to transform your car into a fashion accessory this autumn

01 September 2015 13:12

If you had the opportunity to design your own car in the colours and patterns that match your personal style, what would it look like? Mekonomen is now offering all car owners the chance to create their own design. With a little luck and skill, you could have your design proposal installed on your own car.

“Mekonomen makes CarLife easier – and more attractive! We want to meet our customers’ demand for cars that better express their personal style. A car should no longer only satisfy the owner’s needs, but also reflect his/her personality. We are taking the concept of ‘personal style’ one step further and announcing a design competition in collaboration with the Swedish fashion award Damernas Värld Guldknappen (Ladys World Golden Button) in which the winner will be able to drive around in a car that he/she has personally designed”, says Hanna Ekstrand, Marketing Officer of Mekonomen Group

In collaboration with Damernas Värld Guldknappen, Mekonomen is announcing a competition that gives car owners the chance to design a car in the patterns and colours that reflect their own personal style. The competition will run from 29 August to 31 October. The winner will have their car “wrapped” in their design. But don’t worry – the prize also includes the removal of the wrapping if you feel that it is time for a less conspicuous look.

“Mekonomen attracts a broad customer target group by remaining at the forefront and driving development in our industry. We recognise major potential in adding more personalised products and services to our future offering, both to meet demand from our existing customers and to reach completely new customer target groups”, says Håkan Hedberg, Managing Director of Mekonomen Sweden

To participate in and learn more about the competition, visit our website at

För further information, please contact:

Hanna Ekstrand, Chief Marketing Officer Mekonomen Group
Telefon: +46 (0) 8-464 00 00

Håkan Hedberg, Managing Director Mekonomen Sweden
Telefon: +46 (0) 8-464 00 00. 

About Damernas Värld Guldknappen:
Damernas Värld Guldknappen is an annual awards ceremony organised by Damernas Värld magazine to pay tribute to and select winners in Swedish fashion. Guldknappen 2015 was held on 29 August at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Mekonomen:
Mekonomen makes CarLife easier through a wide and easily accessible range of affordable and innovative solutions and products for consumers and companies. We are the leading spare-parts chain in the Nordic region, with proprietary wholesale operations, stores and workshops operating under the Mekonomen brands.

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