Our Business Areas

We are convinced that the combination of differentiated businesses and concepts, as well as a strong shared purchasing function enable us to meet our customers needs with a broad offering, and thus we create good conditions for profitable growth.

MEKO's five business areas

MEKO consists of northern Europe’s leading spare parts distributors; FTZ, Inter-Team, Koivunen, MECA, Mekonomen and Sørensen og Balchen with operation in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden. The markets are divided into five Business Areas.

The business operates in the car aftermarket, with store and workshop concepts, offers and solutions for companies and consumers. To utilize the Group’s size advantages in the market, the Group works through some coordination between the business areas, for example within the purchasing area. In addition, there are a number of other companies within the Group operated in order to broaden and develop the core business.

Business Area Denmark

Main brand: FTZ

FTZ is the leading car part distributor in the Danish market with B2B sales of spare parts, consumables and tools to customer groups such as workshops, car dealers and other wholesalers. FTZ was founded in 1962 and has been a part of MEKO since 2018. The company has a wide national network of regional warehouses and branches in Denmark, including Faeroe Islands, and a central warehouse in Odense. The broad geographic network enables rapid deliveries of products to the workshops. FTZ operates several workshop concepts with franchise agreements, among other brands; AutoMester, HELLA Servce Partner, Din Bilpartner and CarPeople.

Business Area Poland/the Baltics

Main brands: Inter-Team & Balti Autoosad

Inter-Team is a well-established car part distributor in the Polish automotive aftermarket with sales of spare parts, consumables and tools to workshops, car dealers, retailers and other wholesalers. Inter-Team was founded as a family company in 1989 in Poland. The company’s headquarter is located in Warsaw and the central warehouse close by. Inter-Team’s sales network includes a nationwide network of regional warehouses and branches. In Poland, Inter-team operate two workshop concepts, O.K. Serwis and Inter Data Service. Balti Autoosad operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with a central warehouse and sales to a wide network of B2B customers. 

Business Area Finland

Main brands: Koivunen, Fixus and Mekonomen

Koivunen is the leading supplier of car spare parts and related services in Finland. Koivunen's distribution channels include concept-affiliated and independent workshops and dealers, industrial customers and exports. MEKO operates in Finland through the concept brands Fixus and Mekonomen. The Fixus chain is the most comprehensive distribution chain of car spare parts, accessories and maintenance and repair services in Finland. The Mekonomen concept is a growing with a national network of branches and workshops.

Business Area Sweden/Norway

Main brands: MECA & Mekonomen

MECA and Mekonomen are leading concepts in the Swedish and Norwegian aftermarket for spare parts, tools and workshop equipment. Sales are primarily made to B2B customers, though Mekonomen offer spare parts and accessories also to consumers through branches and e-commerce. The Business Area have a highly automated central warehouse outside of Stockholm and a wide network of branches and workshops under various brands; MECA, Mekonomen, Speedy and MekoPartner. MECA was founded in 1967 under the name Malmö Bildetaljer and became a part of MEKO in 2012. Mekonomen was founded in 1973.

Business Area Sørensen og Balchen (Norway)

Main brands: Sørensen og Balchen & BilXtra

Sørensen og Balchen sells spare parts and car accessories and operates the branch and workshop concept BilXtra in the Norwegian market. Sørensen og Balchen is the leading actor in Norway for car accessories for consumers through branches and e-commerce. The company was founded in 1904 as a car part wholesaler and importer of cars. Since 1992, the company has focused solely on spare part distribution and branch and workshop concepts. Sørensen og Balchen became a part of MEKO in 2011.

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