Standards & policies

At MEKO we have several policies and standards that guide us in our approach to the outside world. Here you will find our overall policies.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct which clarifies what can be expected of our company and what behavior is expected of all our employees.

Read our Code of Conduct
Supplier code

In our supplier code, we state our basic requirements for our suppliers in terms of human rights, working conditions, environment and business ethics.

Read our supplier code
Privacy policy

Our privacy policy describes how we handle your personal data. The policy explains how your data is processed, how we protect your data and how you can use your rights.

How we handle personal data
Board diversity policy

MEKO's Board Diversity policy for the group includes the company's board and management. The policy aims to achieve an even distribution of people in the company when it comes to age, gender, education and professional background. MEKO's Diversity policy for the group's employees and management can be found in the group's Code of Conduct.

How we handle personal data
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