Board Diversity policy

MEKO's Board diversity policy for the group includes the company's board and management and is drawn up in accordance with Swedish Corporate Governance Code rule 4.1. The policy aims to achieve an even distribution of people in the company when it comes to age, gender, education and professional background. The Diversity policy is the basis for the nomination committee's proposal to the board. 

MEKO strives to promote diversity among the board members and has therefore  established a diversity policy for the Board of Directors as support for the shareholders' nomination committee in its proposal regarding the election of board members to the annual general meeting.

The goal is for the board to have competence in the social, business and cultural conditions that prevail in the regions and markets where the MEKO Group's main operations are conducted.

Criteria for nomination of board members include knowledge of the company's industry, markets and business environment, and may include criteria such as knowledge in finance, specific areas relevant to the company, geographical representation and business background. This is to ensure a competent board with the right knowledge, experience and expertise.

With the aim of maintaining and improving the board's effectiveness overall, board members must be nominated based on merit and with consideration of diversity aspects such as gender, age, nationality, education and professional background.

The Diversity policy can be found in MEKO's Code of Conduct

MEKO's Diversity policy for the group's employees and management can be found in the group's Code of Conduct.

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