Our sustainability work

Sustainability report

The Sustainability Report is a part of the Annual Report and was prepared in observance of the requirements in the Annual Accounts Act and refers to the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Standards Core.


MEKO has an ongoing dialogue with customers, employees, shareholders and investors, suppliers and the community.

The relationship between MEKO’s operations and our customers is crucial regardless of whether it concerns companies or consumers. Quality is a critical success factor for continued positive development of the company, our products and our service to our customers.

Our employees are a prerequisite for the operations’ development and growth. Our employees having the right expertise is crucial to having satisfied customers. We therefore have a major responsibility to offer a safe and developing workplace and to be an attractive employer for future colleagues.

MEKO mainly purchases spare parts and accessories from the large European suppliers in the automotive industry. Through our own ProMeister brand, we also have suppliers in Asia. In addition, we have suppliers of indirect materials and services.

MEKO AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. MEKO’s overall goal is to develop with high profitability and thereby generate value growth for the shareholders.

MEKO’s operations entail an environmental impact from both operations and products. The work environment is affected by, for example, heavy lifts and the use of chemicals. These areas are regulated by authorities, which is why an open and transparent dialogue is important. To increase the supply of labour with the right expertise, the Group established cooperation with upper-secondary schools.

UN global goals

The member countries of the United Nations have adopted 17 global sustainable development goals that are to be achieved by 2030. Among other things, the goals are to contribute to ending extreme poverty, reducing inequality and injustice in the world, promoting peace and justice and combat climate change. MEKO’s operations contribute to and affect many goals and targets either directly or indirectly in the supply chain, for example. The goals we mainly affect the No. 7, 8, 12 and 13.

UN global goal 7

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

The right maintenance and service of vehicles reduces energy consumption. For car owners, it is key to be able to service and repair their vehicles regardless of how they are powered. We make it possible for car owners to service and repair their vehicles regardless of whether they run on fossil fuels, biofuels or electricity. By developing our products and services for the growing share of vehicles run on alternative fuels, we contribute to a transformation in society. Internally, we work to reduce our energy use in premises and lower fuel consumption.


UN global goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Our overall goal is to develop with high profitability and thereby generate value growth for the shareholders. Good profitability means that we can continue to work and create jobs and contribute to society through e.g. the payment of taxes. As employers, we have a responsibility with regard to the terms of employment, working environment, gender equality, diversity and inclusion. Our operations are constantly developing and it is therefore of central important that our employees develop to be able to meet the customers’ needs and the expectations of our surroundings. We also invest resources in the training of future vehicle technicians to increase the supply of trained labour.


UN global goal 12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

A properly maintained vehicle contributes to traffic safety and that the vehicle has as small an environmental impact as possible during its lifespan. Our operations entail the handling of chemicals. We take responsibility for the right marking and handling according to current legislation. The waste that arises in our value chain is sorted and recycled. We report to the authorities according to set requirements. We influence through our supply chain through, for example, proper payment and requirements with regard to human rights, terms of employment and environmental impact in the manufacturing process. In this respect, there is also a connection to Goal 8.


UN global goal 13

Combating climate change.

  • By developing our services and products to the increased proportion of vehicles powered by alternative fuels such as biofuels and electricity, we contribute to a transition to a climate-neutral society.
  • Through internal improvements in resource and energy efficiency, we reduce our impact on the environment and climate.
  • We know that our products have a climate impact, which is why we have started work to gain further knowledge about this area


Sustainability strategy

Community involvement

In long-term collaboration with our community partners, we are working to improve our industry and increase diversity and inclusion in society and business.

Dialogue and collaboration with social partners takes place with, among others, authorities (the Public Employment Services and Board of Education), organisations promoting diversity and integration (Mitt Liv, Mine, En Frisk Generation foundation, Telge Tillväxt and Diversity Charter Sweden) and trade associations (SFVF, MRF).

Telge Tillväxt

Works to facilitate young people entering the labor market.

Since 2010, Mekonomen is a share holder in Telge Tillväxt. The operation focuses on providing young people in Södertälje work experience, contacts, references and knowledge of wor

En frisk generation

The Foundation En frisk generation is a joint initiative by researchers from Karolinska Institute, private companies and various voluntary associations. The goal is to establish a long-term, viable method for influencing public health by engaging and motivating entire families, at an early age, to adopt a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. The operation is currently active in Sodertalje, Kungsbacka and Haninge. In cooperation with the children’s school, physical activities interspersed with the knowledge and motivation to improve families’ attitudes to life and health. Mekonomen is one of the foundation’s main sponsors.

ProMeister Program 
(Upper secondary school)

In autumn 2017, Mekonomen Group took an initial step towards modernising the image of the automotive technician profession by starting its own upper-secondary education for prospective vehicle technicians. The programme is conducted in Stockholm, Lund, Örebro and will be launched in Gothenburg during autumn 2021. The programme is being conducted in cooperation with the school actor Lärande i Sverige.

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