Sustainability strategy

MEKO's sustainability strategy is part of the business strategy and concretizes into why, how and what we do within our business to contribute to a more sustainable world.

We are convinced that strong sustainability work is necessary for us as a company to be able to deliver a strong financial result, that we attract and retain our employees and that we as a company remain relevant in the future. As a market leader, we shall be the leader in sustainability in our industry and take great social responsibility. 

MEKO's Sustainability Strategy 2023
MEKO's Sustainability Strategy 2023

Set conditions for better operations


  • Climate policy in place (SBT).
  • Attractive employer: Attract, retain and activate.
  • Develop sustainable and circular products.
  • Responsible sourcing.

Enable better workshops


  • Reduce enviroment impacts.
  • Lead competence development across own, affiliated and other workshops.
  • Equal, inclusive and safe workplace.

Make better mobility happen


  • Ensure service to all low emission customers.
  • Innovate for safe, sustainable and circular usage of vehicles.
  • Nudge customers towards sustainable solutions and products.

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