Mekonomen Group to recruit Supply Chain Director

07 September 2015 18:36

The Mekonomen Group has recruited Örjan Grandin as the Supply Chain Director for Mekonomen Group. Örjan is currently the Business Area Director of Logistics at COOP and is a member of Group Management of COOP Sverige AB. He will take up his assignment in Mekonomen Group not later than 1 March, 2016.

Örjan Grandin will be a member of Group Management of Mekonomen Group and responsible for the change process to coordinate and streamline control of the Group’s supply chain. The area is part of the company’s overall focus to capitalise on economies of scale to a greater extent by working effectively and jointly in areas with similar infrastructural needs.

“Competent and experienced leaders are key to generating efficient control and will be the focus as we coordinate central organisations”, says Magnus Johansson, CEO of the Mekonomen Group.

“Örjan has extensive experience of large-scale structural projects and in leading major organisations through change processes, experiences which will be highly beneficial to Mekonomen Group for many years to come. Through the centralisation of the supply chain and the introduction of best practice in all parts of the supply chain, we see opportunities for efficiencies that will further strengthen our position at the customer level”, continues Magnus Johansson.

In the autumn and winter, Örjan will conclude his assignment as Business Area Director of Logistics at COOP Sverige AB. He will commence his assignment for Mekonomen Group not later than 1 March, 2016.

“I look forward to joining the company during this phase of infrastructural changes. Mekonomen Group has a leading position in an industry that is undergoing major changes. A more efficient work method throughout the chain – from the suppliers to the central warehouse and on to stores/workshops – will strengthen the Group’s competitiveness in the market”, says Örjan Grandin, forthcoming Supply Chain Director of the Mekonomen Group.

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Johansson, CEO of Mekonomen Group
Tel: +46 8 464 00 00

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