MEKO initiates partnership with electric car manufacturer ZEEKR

16 November 2023 13:00

MEKO has signed a partnership agreement with electric car manufacturer ZEEKR who are currently underway launching its brand in Sweden. Through its comprehensive network of workshops, MEKO will offer authorised workshop services to ZEEKR owners in the Swedish market. The ambition is to expand the collaboration to future Nordic markets.

The partnership with ZEEKR aligns with MEKO's strategy to be a complete service partner to new electric car manufacturers looking to establish themselves in Northern Europe. A particular strength is MEKO's broad geographical presence and leading electric car expertise. As part of the collaboration, several of MEKO's workshops around the country will be authorized to perform service, repair, and maintenance for ZEEKR, as well as handle warranty issues.

"It's very exciting that ZEEKR has chosen MEKO as its service partner, and it's especially positive for everyone who will own a ZEEKR car. This trust shows that MEKO is an efficient and customer-friendly partner for the big electric car brands of tomorrow. We have the necessary infrastructure and we have the same extensive expertise in electric cars as in traditional gasoline and diesel cars. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with ZEEKR," said Oskar Gibas Hjertquist, Head of International Sales at MEKO.

ZEEKR is a premium segment electric car that is being widely launched in Europe starting at the end of 2023. Sales are digital, and Sweden will be one of the first markets when the models start rolling out on the roads in November. By 2025, ZEEKR should have launched in several European markets.

“ZEEKR stands for the highest quality and customer-friendliness, which of course also applies to service, maintenance and repair. Therefore, we are delighted to collaborate with MEKO as ZEEKR makes its debut in Sweden. This partnership is right for us and for our customers as we emphasise accessibility and a smooth customer journey. We look forward to a long-term partnership where collaboration in more markets may become relevant," said Stephen Dorman, Head of Customer Care at ZEEKR Europe.

For further information, please contact:

Oskar Gibas Hjertquist, Head of International Sales, MEKO
Phone: +46 76 146 23 87

Anders Oxelström, Director of Communications, MEKO
Phone: + 46 73 522 52 42

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