MEKO grows its car glass offering – initiates partnership in Sweden

06 March 2024 08:00

MEKO strengthens its position in sustainable car glass repairs through a new partnership with ALD Automotive/LeasePlan, the leading leasing firm for company cars in Sweden. The collaboration means that MEKO will become a car glass service partner for more than 45,000 vehicles in Sweden. Fixing minor damages in time reduces the need for extensive repairs and is a win for the climate.

At its core, MEKO's business model is based on servicing and maintaining existing parts instead of producing new ones. The partnership with ALD Automotive/LeasePlan aligns with MEKO’s growth strategy within sustainable car glass management.

In 2023, MEKO launched a concept where the workshops routinely perform inspections of minor damages in connection with regular repairs. This preventive approach reduces the need to replace entire windshields, curbs greenhouse gas emissions, and saves money for car owners and insurance companies.

The partnership is set to run for two years, starting in 2024. More than 230 workshops within MEKO will be accessible to car owners across Sweden.

"We’re thrilled to partner with ALD Automotive/LeasePlan. I see this as a testament to our expertise and acknowledgment that our sustainable approach is the way forward. Another strategic strength is our accessibility. We’re committed to making the customer experience at MEKO an easy and pleasant one, regardless of their location or requirements. We look forward to working together and expanding this offering in other markets,” said Pehr Oscarson, President and CEO of MEKO.

Through well-known workshop concepts such as MECA, Mekonomen, and Speedy, MEKO, a leader in the independent automotive aftermarket in Northern Europe, manages and serves about a million vehicles annually. The potential to prevent tens of thousands of window replacements offers substantial opportunities for MEKO.

ALD Automotive/LeasePlan, Sweden's leading leasing firm for company cars, is a subsidiary of the Ayvens Group, a global powerhouse in sustainable mobility. The Ayvens Group offers comprehensive solutions such as full-service leasing, flexible leasing services, and fleet management, and is currently operating in 44 countries. The group is also planning to introduce its brand to the Swedish market in the fourth quarter of 2024.

For further information, please contact:

Pehr Oscarson
President and CEO, MEKO
Phone: +46 (0)8-464 00 00

Anders Oxelström
Director of Communications, MEKO
Phone: + 46 (0)73 522 52 42

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