MEKO Awards 2023: Celebrating operational, organizational and commercial excellence

As the tradition goes, MEKO recognises excellence within the organisation at its annual Awards ceremony. For 2023, BilXtra, Mekonomen Company, and Sørensen og Balchen were awarded for impressive strides and notable achievements. “MEKO is proud of its resilience even in tougher times and is keen to celebrate this,” said Anders Oxelström, Director of Communications.

MEKO Awards 2023: Celebrating operational, organizational and commercial excellence

Before Christmas, MEKO arranged its annual management conference in the outskirts of Stockholm, gathering people from across its branches in Northern Europe. As many times before, a particular emphasis was put on the prestigious awards ceremony, celebrating operational, organizational, and commercial excellence within the group.

This year, there were stand-out nominees in each category. In the end, however, Carl-Johan Åström, CEO of Mekonomen Company Sweden; Geir Hoff, CEO/Country Manager of Mekonomen Norway; and Morten Birkeland, CEO of Sørensen og Balchen, were called up to the stage to pick up the awards.

Best Initiative

“For several years, their unwavering commitment to consistent execution on strategic goals has not only fostered substantial growth but has also significantly contributed to the enhanced profitability of our organization.

They exemplify excellence in driving initiatives that align seamlessly with our overarching strategy. Building on last year’s impressive results, they’re in the process of delivering further revenue growth and a solid margin that significantly contributes to the overall business area’s EBIT-margin for 2023.

Please join me in congratulating BilXtra within Mekonomen Company.”

Best Change Journey

“Their exemplary execution of a well-crafted plan, challenging the existing structure, hasn’t only led to enhanced profitability but has also set a new standard for strategic transformation. The team has demonstrated exceptional leadership in navigating change, fostering a resilient culture, and successfully steering the organization towards a more profitable future. They’re ready to hit a homerun in the next big leap.

Without further ado, let's applaud and recognize Mekonomen Company Norway.”

Best Customer focus

“Their bold decision to shift focus to new customer groups during challenging times has showcased remarkable courage. This pivotal shift has also been instrumental in reclaiming revenue growth and ensuring sustained profitability. This street-smart team has skilfully navigated this transition, demonstrating strategic wisdom and resilience in the face of change. Their commitment to adaptation and success makes them a standout candidate.”

In the spotlight today, we honor Sørensen og Balchen.”

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