MEKO drives the industry’s sustainable transformation: “As the market leader, we have a responsibility”

MEKO is certain that an effective sustainability agenda is a prerequisite to deliver strong financial results, attract and retain employees, and stay relevant. Its commitment spans from increasing its social engagement to leading the industry’s sustainable transformation.

MEKO drives the industry’s sustainable transformation: “As the market leader, we have a responsibility”

Sustainability is integral to MEKO’s strategy and permeates its entire business. This is, on one hand, linked to making a positive impact on society by devising solutions to global challenges. On the other, increasing sustainability demands from stakeholders and more strict legislation mean that MEKO considers this as the only way forward, said Louise Wohrne, Head of Sustainability.

As the market leader, the company sees this as both a great responsibility and opportunity to inspire, spur innovation, and lead the industry’s sustainable transformation.

It’s about providing our customers with a high-quality service to make their vehicles go further and for a few more years. Then there’s the electrification of society, which isn’t just aligning with our strategy to be a complete partner for EV customers but also with our commitment to enable this transformation, said Louise Wohrne.

She added: “The need for mobility has always been significant and will remain so in the future. What is changing is the means of transportation. Our broad expertise, network and scale give us valuable tools to make a change, both within our group and in society at large. As the market leader in Northern Europe, we feel obliged to act, inspire and push our industry peers.”

To deliver on this commitment, MEKO has adopted several sustainability targets. On top of being a signatory of the UN Global Compact’s principles, the company uses the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for its own sustainability agenda.

SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy

  • Enable car owners to service and repair their vehicles. The right maintenance means that vehicles are as fuel- and energy-efficient as possible.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

  • By growing profitably, MEKO generates value to shareholders and contributes to society.
  • The Code of Conduct outlines its zero-tolerance stance against corruption. MEKO also has an EU-aligned whistleblower system in place and, also, provides regular GDPR trainings.
  • We’ve a responsibility towards our employees to ensure a healthy working environment, gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. MEKO also invests in trainings for its technicians.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

  • We’ve procedures and take responsibility for our waste management and in the purchase, sale, and use of chemical by our supplies. Many branches now hold ISO certifications.
  • MEKO priorities, defines the requirements, and monitors its suppliers in terms of human rights, employment conditions, environmental and climate impact across the value chain.
  • MEKO has cut its business relationships with Russian suppliers and has intensified its supportive measures for Ukraine.

SDG 13: Climate action

  • By developing products and services for the growing share of vehicles that run on alternative fuels, MEKO contributes to the transition to a climate-neutral society.
  • Internal resource and energy efficiency improvements reduce our climate impact. The company aims for 100% renewable electricity by 2025.
  • MEKO is committed to aligning with the Science-Based Targets initiative by 2023.

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