Why MEKO operates high schools and runs trainings – even for competitors

At MEKO, we believe in the importance of education and skills development. We are committed to driving progress within the automotive industry. By offering education and trainings not only to our affiliated workshops but also to external partners, we aim to meet the demand for qualified technicians, both today and in the future.

Why MEKO operates high schools and runs trainings – even for competitors

Improving skills and competencies for the future
"One of our most important tasks is to strengthen our workshop workers and ensure they are equipped with the right skills to meet the changing demands of the industry. Making sure we have the right employees with the right competencies is crucial for maintaining a sustainable business in the long term," says Pehr Oscarson, President and CEO of MEKO.

Ongoing education and development
MEKO provides continuous skills development through daily work as well as through internal and external training programs. With the rapid development in automotive technology, including increased digitalization and alternative fuels like electricity, it is important to ensure ongoing skills development for our employees and affiliated workshops.

Investment in future automotive technicians
To meet the increasing demand for qualified automotive technicians, MEKO operates high schools in three locations in Sweden. Additionally, we collaborate with high schools in several of our key markets to ensure we can meet future needs for qualified technicians.

“MEKO operates training academies that offer a wide range of courses in everything from workshop operations and automotive technology to legislation, leadership, and business economics. Many of these training programs are also available to external customers, ensuring a broad reach and impact across the industry,” says Andreas Forslund, Solutions Manager at MEKO.

Open to external workshops
External workshops are welcome to register for all our courses, subject to availability. They can register on the respective academy’s website. By inviting workshops outside of MEKO, we aim to create broader access to advanced education and development opportunities.

Ensuring a sustainable future for the automotive industry
MEKO’s commitment to the development of the electric vehicle market is an important part of our overall strategy for creating more sustainable mobility. By leading the industry in the service and repair of electric vehicles, including battery repairs, we strive to reduce environmental impact while offering our customers cost-effective solutions. Through continuous innovation and education, MEKO paves the way for a sustainable future in the automotive industry.


Below are a few examples of the trainings that MEKO offers:

ProMeister Automotive Program

In the fall of 2017, MEKO took the first step towards modernizing the image of the mechanic profession by starting its own high school program for future automotive technicians. The program is available in three locations in Sweden and is operated in collaboration with the education provider Lärande i Sverige.

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ProMeister Training Academies

A subsidiary of MEKO, ProMeister operates training academies in all business areas and offers a wide range of courses in workshop operations and automotive technology in Sweden and Norway. In addition to high school programs in three locations in Sweden, ProMeister also offers several vocational higher education programs. These initiatives aim to reduce the shortage of automotive technicians.

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FTZ Academy

Since its inception in 2009, FTZ has conducted more than 500 training sessions and courses annually. The academy’s instructors have extensive experience in continuing education. FTZ Academy offers activities such as technical support for the automotive industry, training for both workshop owners and automotive technicians, and workshop economics.

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