Our companies

We are convinced that the combination of differentiated businesses and concepts, as well as a strong shared purchasing function enable us to meet our customers needs with a broad offering, and thus we create good conditions for profitable growth.


MEKO AB (former Mekonomen Group) consists of northern Europe’s leading spare parts distributors; FTZ, Inter-Team, Koivunen, MECA, Mekonomen and Sørensen og Balchen with operation in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

The business operates in the car aftermarket, with store and workshop concepts, offers and solutions for companies and consumers. To utilize the Group’s size advantages in the market, the Group works through some coordination between the business areas, for example within the purchasing area. In addition, there are a number of other companies within the Group operated in order to broaden and develop the core business.




FTZ is the leading car part distributor in the Danish market with B2B sales of spare parts, consumables and tools to customer groups such as workshops, car dealers and other wholesalers. FTZ was founded in 1962 and has been a part of MEKO since 2018. The company has a national network of 49 branches in Denmark, two branches on the Faeroe Islands and a central warehouse in Odense. The broad geographic network enables rapid deliveries of products to the workshops. FTZ has four workshop concepts with franchise agreements under the brands AutoMester, HELLA Servce Partner, Din Bilpartner and CarPeople with a total of more than 900 franchise workshops. Through the four workshop concepts, customers are offered differentiated high-quality products and services.

Market: Denmark


Inter-Team is a well-established car part distributor in the Polish automotive aftermarket with sales of spare parts, consumables and tools to workshops, car dealers, retailers and other wholesalers. Inter-Team was founded as a family company in 1989 in Poland. The company’s headquarters are located in Warsaw and the central warehouse only 40 km away. Inter-Team’s sales network includes about 80 branches nationwide and a subsidiary in the Czech Republic. The two workshop concepts, O.K. Serwis and Inter Data Service, are Inter-Team’s answers to the growing expectations of the Polish market. O.K. Serwis is a garage network that meets the need of professional workshops seeking the best assortment, full marketing support and access to the latest training programs. Inter Data Service is the concept dedicated to car workshops wishing to reach their full potential in the future when given necessary support and advice. Approximately 70 per cent of the turnover is generated in the domestic market, the remaining 30 per cent comes mainly from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Market: Poland


MECA is a leading actor in the Swedish and Norwegian aftermarket for spare parts, tools and workshop equipment. Sales are primarily made to B2B customers. This includes the own workshop concept MECA Car Service, the cooperating workshop chain Bosch Car Service, and the branch and petrol chain OKQ8. MECA was founded in 1967 under the name Malmö Bildetaljer and became a part of the Group in 2012.
The company has 85 branches in Sweden and Norway that supply affiliated workshop customers with spare parts, and a central warehouse in Eskilstuna and a regional warehouse in Gjøvik. In the future, the company’s supply chain will be run through the Group’s new automated central warehouse in Strängnäs, Bileko Car Parts. The warehouse is under construction and will serve as a shared central warehouse for Mekonomen’s and MECA’s Swedish operations and continued support for the regional warehouse in Gjøvik.

Markets: Sweden and Norway



Mekonomen’s strong brand and concept is well-established in the Swedish and Norwegian markets. Through branches, e-commerce and the workshop concepts Mekonomen Bilverkstad and MekoPartner, affordable compete solutions are offered for both companies and consumers. Mekonomen was founded in 1973 under the name Bileko. The company changed name to Mekonomen in 1996. Under the Mekonomen brand, there are over 170 branches in Sweden, Norway and Finland and a central warehouse in Strängnäs. The central warehouse in Strängnäs is being modernised with a new automation and changing name to Bileko Car Parts, to in the future supply both MECA and Mekonomen with spare parts and accessories. Mekonomen operates two workshop concepts under the brands Mekonomen Bilverkstad and MekoPartner. Mekonomen Bilverkstad is the premium concept with higher standards of quality and concept compliance. High quality is also an important requirement in the MekoPartner concept. However, MekoPartner is not as tied to profiling or concept compliance.

Markets: Sweden, Norway and Finland

Sørensen og Balchen

Sørensen og Balchen sells spare parts and car accessories and operates the branch and workshop concept BilXtra in the Norwegian market. Sørensen og Balchen is the leading actor in Norway for car accessories for consumers through branches and e-commerce. Sørensen og Balchen was founded in 1904 as a car part wholesaler and importer of cars. Since 1992, the company has focused solely on spare part distribution and branch and workshop concepts. Sørensen og Balchen became a part of Mekonomen Group in 2011. The company has more than 60 branches with a central warehouse in Oslo. Workshops under the BilXtra brand are run mainly through franchise agreements and the concept has a strong local focus, with control of quality requirements, concept compliance and a shared basic assortment. The workshops primarily purchase products from Sørensen og Balchen through BilXtra’s branch network, which also includes Mekonomen Group’s own product brands ProMeister and Carwise.

Market: Norway

Other Group companies

Mekonomen Group have started up or invested in businesses with the aim of broadening and complementing the core business. The Group is part owner in the e-commerce actor Mekster and the digitalbooking portal for workshop services Lasingoo. Through ProMeister Solutions, the Group develops services for professional workshops and trains and recruits automotive technicians. Preqas conducts sales of workshop equipment and tools to professional workshops. In addition, Mekonomen Group has a number of proprietary product ranges within spare parts and car accessories under the ProMeister, Carwise, Kraft and Sakura brands.