We create a long-term profitable and sustainable business by utilising our size and strong position. We enable mobility with adapted offers based on the customers’ needs, society’s development and future trends. Our committed employees and differentiated concepts are our foremost assets.

MEKO’s strategy is based on our vision We enable mobility – today, tomorrow and in the future. Our business is independent of the economic cycle, what technology is used in the cars and how the cars are used. We will be the best and most comprehensive partner for everyone who drives, repairs and maintains cars. We will meet the needs of workshops and car owners in the way that is easiest for them – without them having to search elsewhere.

Our strategy is based on four strategic areas that will contribute to creating value for customers and profitable sustainable growth for the Group. Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do.

On the forefront of sustainability
For us, sustainability is about People, Planet and Profit. We need to continuously develop our operations and our offering to be relevant over time. We need to keep pace with the development in the industry in terms of new technology, competition, new customer behaviors and new expectations. To ensure a long-term business and to be on the forefront of sustainability in our industry, we need the right employees and the right expertise.

We work to enhance the efficiency of and optimise our core business to continue to be competitive, improve quality and increase our profitability.

  • Available assortment and efficient warehousing.
  • Increasing and consolidating volumes for our own brands.
  • Utilising economies of scale
  • Driven and sales-oriented organization.
  • Continued digitalization of the business with development of IT infrastructure and IT security.
  • Developing a long-term sustainable business with a focus on employees, the value chain and the environment.

We will continue to develop our workshop concepts to attract new customer groups, increase workshop loyalty, create profitable workshops and become a sustainable business partner.

  • Developing the business model for affiliated workshops.
  • Developing more and sustainable services and solutions for our workshops.
  • Increasing the offering of courses for skills development for workshops.
  • Developing automated processes to make things easier for workshop customers.
  • Launching more concepts to take more positions in the market.

By digitalising and developing new solutions for car owners, we strengthen our offering throughout the value chain, at the same time that we increase loyalty and the number of contacts with the customer.

  • Driving more customers to our affiliated workshops through our own central channels and agreements.
  • Offering proactive digital booking solutions at a fixed price.
  • Developing new and sustainable services and solutions to improve the customer experience and ensure long-term business.
  • Developing fleet offerings with automated processes to make it easier for companies and organizations with many cars in their fleet.

By broadening our business, offering new services and expanding the product range, we reach new customer groups and increase sales to existing customers.

  • Differentiating our offering and our sales channels.
  • Developing services and solutions for new customer groups.
  • Expanding existing business with new ranges and services.
  • Creating new revenue streams through acquisition, further development of existing business or in business collaborations to enable profitable growth.

Business concept

We are an international corporate Group that operates and develops business in the automotive aftermarket. We focus on growth, collaboration, creating synergies and on driving sustainable and digital development in our industry. Our business concept is timeless and is based on enabling mobility – today, tomorrow and in the future – as technology develops and vehicles are used in new ways.


We meet the need for services and products for vehicle workshops and other companies through our market-leading concepts, distribution networks and our efficient logistics chain. Our concepts are also aimed at private and commercial vehicle owners where we meet the need for the service and repair of vehicles.