Mekonomen Automotive Glass – a new venture to strengthen complete offering

23 May 2012 08:47

As part of further strengthening of the complete customer offering, Mekonomen is investing in automotive glass and establishing automotive glaziers at existing Medium and Mega units across Sweden.

“Our customers demand fast and efficient service for their vehicles. The automotive glass venture is a natural development for Mekonomen. We have the skills and resources in place to meet this need,” says Marcus Larsson, Executive Vice President of Mekonomen AB.

Mekonomen made a quiet start to this venture a few months ago through the opening of automotive glazing services at a number of locations in Sweden. Evaluation of the new service clearly indicates that automotive glass has a significant part to play in Mekonomen’s future offering. Build-out of this service will see rapid progress in the autumn.

“Mekonomen’s network of workshops furnishes us with a high degree of availability and our objective is to become Sweden’s market leader for automotive glass within three years,” says Marcus Larsson.

The market for automotive glass amounts to slightly more than SEK 1 billion per year in Sweden and future growth is assessed as stable. The competition comprises dedicated automotive glaziers and brand-based workshops.

“The strength of Mekonomen’s brand and our ability to provide service, repairs and a multitude of other services – including automotive glass – for all car makes gives us high hopes for the future. Future plans include the launch of Mekonomen Automotive Glass in other markets, primarily Norway and Denmark,” concludes Marcus Larsson.

For further information, please contact:

Marcus Larsson, Executive Vice President of Mekonomen AB.
Tel: +46 (0) 8-464 00 00.

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