MECA focuses on new vehicle segment - motorhomes

15 June 2015 08:20

The MECA workshop chain is to become the exclusive workshop partner of, which uses a franchise concept to deal and sell motorhomes and other types of recreational vehicles in Sweden. MECA’s workshops will be authorised to service Swift-brand motorhomes for which the owners of are the agents in the Nordic countries.

MECA is focusing on the new vehicle segment of motorhomes by partnering with the recently founded company and motorhome manufacturer Swift. MECA’s workshops throughout Sweden will now be authorised to service and repair Swift-brand motorhomes sold by franchisees. MECA workshops will also service and repair motorhomes of other brands, although will not have the status of authorised partner. This MECA venture in the motorhome industry will be launched at the Scandinavian Caravan Show to be held on 10-13 September.

“There are many skilled service workshops in the motorhome industry, but most are unable to assist motorhome owners with both the chassis and living areas of the vehicle at the same time. Customers have had to visit two different workshops, one for the motor vehicle part and another for the living area. Our authorised MECA motorhome workshops will be able to meet all of the service needs of the motorhome.” says Krister Duwe, Managing Director of MECA Sweden.

Sweden has slightly more than 85,000 motorhomes and sales of new motorhomes have more than doubled in the past ten years. A total of 4,000 new motorhomes are sold in Sweden every year.

“We see that the motorhome market has immense potential and is well-suited to our offering. MECA workshops already service and repair light-weight trucks, which make up the frame of a motorhome. Accordingly, this new segment is close to our existing business.” says Krister Duwe.

For further information, contact: 

Krister Duwe, President of MECA Sweden
Tel: +46 40 671 60 60

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