MEKO launches a new user-friendly booking solution for car services in Northern Europe

16 November 2022 08:30

MEKO launches a new digital booking system that makes it easier for the car owner to book car services. The booking system will be implemented in all MEKO workshop chains from 2023 to improve the customer journey and increase the number of digital bookings. The solution will be offered to other companies with car-related services that want to increase the number of digital bookings.

– We noticed that car owners felt unsure of what service they should book for a given situation. In other industries, such as food or fashion, online shoppers can easily and intuitively find what they need. When it comes to booking car service online, there is not the same logical overview that helps the user book the service that is needed. It can quickly become very technical, which leads to many canceling the process before completing the booking, says Emil Lindell, Business Developer at MEKO.

The booking solution will be used throughout Northern Europe as MEKO plans to implement the solution in all business areas and markets from 2023. As it is a white label solution, it can be used by several businesses regardless of brand, the difference for the car owner is function, guidance, flexibility, and transparency.

– We want to make it easy for the car owner to book a car service and give them the right conditions for a long and sustainable car life. We also want to give the workshops the best conditions to deliver the best digital customer experience in our industry. With our booking system we hope to not only develop MEKO, but also influence the industry as a whole, to start focusing on "customer first", says Petra Bendelin, Director of Business Development & Strategy at MEKO.


Petra Bendelin, Director of Business Development & Strategy, MEKO
Phone: +46(0)8-464 00 00, Mail: 

Emil Lindell, Business Developer, MEKO
Phone: +46(0)8-464 00 00, Mail:  

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