MEKO initiates partnership with electric car manufacturer HiPhi

22 November 2023 13:00

MEKO, a leader in the independent auto aftermarket in Northern Europe, has entered into an agreement in principle with the electric car manufacturer HiPhi, which is in the process of introducing its brand in Norway. MEKO will leverage its leading position in the market to offer authorized aftermarket services to HiPhi owners in northern Europe, starting with Norway in the fourth quarter 2023.

The partnership with HiPhi aligns with MEKO's strategy to be a service partner to new electric vehicle manufacturers looking to establish themselves in selected regions. The ambition of the partnership is to establish MEKO as a complete aftersales partner, including authorized workshop services and spare part logistics, two of MEKO’s major strengths.

”We are very happy to announce this new collaboration with one of the most interesting electric car manufacturers today. It is an attest to the high knowledge level and scalability within MEKO’s network and it will benefit our existing partners, participating workshops, and the car owners – as we further strengthen our capabilities and offering to this customer group. Working with HiPhi has been characterized by new ways of thinking and an appetite for transforming the industry which is equally exciting and in line with MEKO’s strategy,” says Oskar Gibas Hjertquist, Head of International Sales at MEKO.

HiPhi is an automotive brand of Human Horizons, a global company focused on revolutionizing the future of mobility experiences. First out on the market is the exclusive SUV HiPhi X and the luxury Grand Tourer HiPhi Z. These models are expected to be delivered to Norwegian customers already in the fourth quarter 2023.

“We are delighted to be working with MEKO’s network in Norway. Their history of excellence and expertise in the region has made them the ideal partners to HiPhi. It is important for HiPhi to ensure that the entire customer journey offers the same premium experience, and we are confident that with MEKO, we will be able to achieve that,” says Kjell-Arne Wold, HiPhi Director of Business Development Europe.

For further information, please contact:

Oskar Gibas Hjertquist
Head of International Sales, MEKO

Phone: +46 76 146 23 87

Anders Oxelström
Director of Communications, MEKO

Phone: + 46 73 522 52 42

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