MEKO’s (former Mekonomen Group) operations affect our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the environment. As the industry leader, we have a particular responsibility for sustainability. Sustainability must be an integrated part of our business operations and generate value for the company and our stakeholders.

Transports of people and goods are necessary and MEKO’s operations play an important role here. Through service, maintenance and repairs, the vehicle can be driven as efficiently as possible during is lifespan. Our operations contribute to the vehicles on the road being as fuel efficient as possible. The right maintenance and service of cars increases traffic safety on our roads.

The transport sector is transitioning from using fossil fuels to biofuels and electricity, and to greater automation. Car owners need to be able to service and repair their vehicles regardless of how they are powered. As the industry leader, MEKO has an important role in the transition to a less fossil-dependent society.

Besides our products and services generating value, we also create jobs for employees and suppliers and pay taxes.

As employers, we are present in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden, some other parts of Europe and Hong Kong. In a changing world, the right expertise is important for us. This is about maintaining and developing the expertise of existing employees. We need to ensure that opportunities exist for competence development for staff in our affiliated workshops. We must also promote the development of future expertise in the workshop area. Read more about our responsibilities as an employer.

We work to reduce our operations’ impact on the environment, mainly in the areas of chemicals, waste and energy and fuel consumption. Read more about our environmental work.

We purchase spare parts and accessories from suppliers mainly in Europe, but also in Asia. Consequently, the sustainability work in the supply chain is of central importance to us. Read more about our supply chain work.

We support and conduct our operations in accordance with the responsible business principles in the UN Global Compact  regarding human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.