As an employer, we have a responsibility in areas such as employment, health and safety, equality, diversity and inclusion.

Training and skills development
Our operations are continuously developed to meet the customers’ and surrounding world’s requirements and expectations. We are investing resources in the training of future vehicle technicians to increase the supply of skilled labor. To increase interest in the automotive technician profession, the Group also cooperates with industry organisations and we arranged study visits for eg. the Swedish Public Employment Service to show what it looks like at a modern workshop.

Equality, diversity and inclusion
MEKO’s work on diversity is based on the view that people’s differences contribute to an attractive and dynamic workplace. For us, diversity is about the value of differences in our employees when it comes to gender, ethnicity, age, education and experience. We strive for our workplaces to reflect the diversity of our customer groups and society in general. With employees and managers with varying experience and expertise, we have better possibilities of meeting the customers’ needs. A major challenge for us is to create an even gender distribution in a traditionally male industry. The proportion of women in MEKO is currently about 17 per cent. A proportion we want to increase.

Working environment
A positive and safe work environment is a strategically important part of MEKO’s development and is important to our employees. The Group’s work environment efforts aim to create a physically, psychologically and socially sound and developing workplace for all employees, where risks of occupational injuries and work-related illness are prevented.

PROMEISTER VEHICLE PROGRAM (upper secondary school)

In autumn 2017, MEKO took an initial step towards modernising the image of the automotive technician profession by starting its own upper-secondary education for prospective vehicle technicians. The programme is established in Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm and Örebro. The programme is being conducted in cooperation with the school actor Lärande i Sverige.